A cross-platform design tool for the 21st Century

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Gravit Designer is the easiest way to design. Whether you're doing illustrations, creating a logo or icon, preparing a multipage printable flyer or designing the next award winning mobile app.

Pages / Artboards

Utilize Pages as Pages or Artboards, use master pages for re-use and create pro-grade PDFs.

Text Engine

A new text engine right at your fingertip. Now use any font and design text around shapes with ease.

Visual Effects

Find a full box of live effects helping you in giving your designs a unique and awesome look.

Multiple Fill & Borders

Stack fills on each other to create impressive effects using blending and new textures.

Compound Shapes

Use live compound shapes to create awesome shapes using simple forms and even nest them.

Advanced exporting

Export all assets of your designs with one click in different resolutions and formats.

Presentation mode

Use master pages and the new preview mode to create awesome presentations.


Use Gravit in the web or offline with you in the airplane on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS.

Improved UI

Expect a completely reworked user interface pleasing you with an easy workflow.