A cross-platform design tool for the 21st century
Gravit Designer is a full featured free vector design app right at your fingertip.
One tool to rule them all
Screen Design
High Quality Icons
Prototyping & Animation
A smart way to design
Enjoy a clean, intuitive interface that adjusts itself exactly the way you expect it.
Powerful tools to unleash your creativity
Unmatched precision in any unit (Pixels, MM, CM, etc.) from creation to exporting.
Powerful pages with masters, real layers and symbols to structure your content.
Made for vector with non-destructive booleans, knife tool and path graphs.
Powerful grids, anchors and auto-layouts made for pixel perfect screen designs.
Multiple fills/borders, effects and blending modes together with shared styles.
Handcrafted powerful text engine with text on path, web fonts, styles and much more.
Export high quality PDFs, SVGs and Images using slices and multiple assets.
Presentations, animations, states, prototyping and more.
Enjoy a free powerful design tool on any platform
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We are a small but passionate team working hard on improving Gravit Designer every day. We will always keep it as a professional yet free design tool and we are proud that our software helps thousands of users including many students that can not afford expensive software to learn and design.

The best way to help us is to give us a tweet  , post on Facebook, write a blog or make a video using the software.

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